Moriah Ellen headshot

Dr. Ellen is currently a Senior Lecturer at Ben Gurion University’s Department of Health Systems Management in Israel. She is also an Assistant Professor (Status) at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto, Canada and Investigator at the McMaster Health Forum in Canada. Dr. Ellen’s primary research interests are health systems and policy, knowledge transfer and exchange, implementation science, addressing the use of unnecessary health care services, and ageing. More specifically, some of her projects have addressed infrastructures needed to support evidence informed policymaking at the organizational level, health system initiatives to reduce the unnecessary overuse of tests, treatments and procedures, the perceptions surrounding antimicrobial resistance within the public and health care providers, and transitions of care among older adults. Dr. Ellen has received research funding from Israeli, Canadian and European funding agencies. She has also consulted both nationally and internationally. Dr. Ellen has published numerous peer-reviewed publications, books chapters, countless conference presentations and reports for governmental bodies.