Thursday, October 20, 2022
1:00pm - 5:00pm

No registration fee, but pre-registration is required.  For more information, please contact Elaine Douglas.

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The United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021-2030) provides a framework for engagement in international issues on ageing. Its global mission is to improve lives of older people, their families and their communities. This workshop is for researchers who are interested in building their international collaborations and networks with the goal of making their work count in addressing these global issues in healthy ageing.

Who should attend?

A group of UK early career researchers will attend this workshop. All are working on projects funded under Social, Behavioural and Design Research Programme ( of the UK Healthy Ageing Challenge which is the centrepiece of the UK response to healthy ageing. They are coming to Regina to develop international collaborations and to meet others at similar career stages who are working on similar topics in Healthy Ageing. This workshop is also open to a maximum of 10 early career scholars based in Canada or other countries outside of the UK. They must be:

  • Within 10 years of completing their PhD
  • Involved in research topics compatible with those funded under the UK Healthy Ageing program
  • Interested in learning more about international collaboration in their area of interest
  • Registered for the CAG 2022 conference
For more information, please contact Elaine Douglas.


Working with mentors from UK and Canada, participants will learn how to:

  • Connect their work to priorities action areas in Healthy Ageing
  • Design their international profile
  • Develop and maintain international collaborations
  • Effectively use social media in international collaborations

Workshop Mentors

Scholars from the UK and Canada will lead workshop sessions and provide mentoring on international engagement and collaboration.

  • Professor Judith Phillips, Research Director, The Healthy Ageing Challenge
  • Dr. Elizabeth Russell, Director, Trent Centre for Aging & Society
  • Professor Christina Victor, Director, Institute of Health, Medicine and Environments, Brunel University
  • Professor Norah Keating, Director, Global Social Issues on Ageing
  • Dr. Elaine Douglas, Research Manager, UKRI Social Behavioural & Design Research Programme
  • Professor Mary Sullivan, Nipissing University