Thursday, October 20, 2022
9:00am – 12:00pm


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Sensory, cognitive, and motor functioning become more inter-related as we age. These important intersections have been highlighted by the 2019 WHO guidance on Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE). For example, hearing loss has been linked to elevated risks of falling and of cognitive impairment. There is a need for researchers and clinicians to move away from exploring these abilities in silos and to move towards a more integrated approach. To address these gaps, our workshop will promote interprofessional collaborations to bridge the gap between research, practice and lifestyle. The structure of this workshop will include: 1) presentations from and discussion with older adults living with sensory, cognitive and motor declines, 2) four 15-minute talks from an interdisciplinary panel of researchers and clinicians specializing in audiology, physiotherapy, family medical practice, and nursing, and 3) facilitated small group discussions to brainstorm how to promote interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaborations. 

Learning Objectives

Upon workshop completion, attendees will be able to: 

Who should attend?

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Workshop Presenters:

Dr. Paul Mick, MPH, MD, FRCSC: Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. Director, Saskatchewan Neurotology and Cochlear Implant Programs.

Dr. Roslyn M. Compton, PhD, RN, GNC(C): Associate Professor, College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Ms. Natalie Morog, MSc. AUD(C): Senior Audiologist/Neurotology Clinical and Research Coordinator at Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon

Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose, PhD, PT: Professor, Canada Research Chair, Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia. Co-Director, Centre for Hip Health and Mobility

Dr. Daniel Glaeske, B.Sc. (Hon.), MD, CFPC: Family Physician, Red Coat Primary Health Care Clinic, Assiniboia, SK. Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Mrs. Joanne Petersen: Registered Nurse at Assiniboia Union Hospital, Assiniboia, SK

Mrs. Laurie Harris: Program Coordinator at Cranbrook Better at Home/Community Connections Society of Southeast British Columbia (on leave)

Dr. Kelly Tremblay, PhD FAAA: Audiologist. Neuroscientist. Adjunct Professor School of Communication Disorders, Dalhousie University, NS, Canada. Affiliate Professor, School of Audiology and Speech Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Canada. Retired Professor, Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Washington, WA. USA

Workshop Organizers

Ms. Berkley Petersen, MA: PhD Student, Department of Psychology, Concordia University

Ms. Niroshica Mohanathas, MA: PhD Student, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto

Dr. Karen Li, PhD: Professor, Department of Psychology, Concordia University

Dr. Jennifer Campos, PhD: Senior Scientist and Associate Director (Academic), Canada Research Chair, KITE-Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - University Health Network. Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto. Associate Scientific Director, AGE-WELL.

Dr. Kathleen Pichora-Fuller, PhD: Professor Emerita, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto and Adjunct Professor, Department of Gerontology, Simon Fraser University